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Five Natural Wonders of Peru

South America is full of many wonders, and Peru is no exception. If you are interested in learning Spanish, you are probably also interested in learning about Spanish speaking nations. While nearly everyone is familiar with manmade sites such as Machu Picchu, Peru has much to offer in terms of geological diversity. Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive spots.

Cotahuasi Canyon

At over 3,500 meters deep, Cotahuasi Canyon is twice as deep as the USA’s Grand Canyon. This canyon was formed by the Cotahuasi River (hence the canyon’s name). Atop the steep canyon walls, the landscape is filled with farms and terraced fields along with many Inca ruins. You’ll also see farmers herding llamas. This landmark is located in southern Peru.

Rodadero Slides

Technically, these could just be called Rodadero as it means slide in Spanish. If you are taking Spanish courses, you may already know that. These are rocks protruding from the ground in a manner that creates naturally occurring slides cascading down a hill. The site is found near the citadel of Sacsayhuaman, which was a military site used by both the Killke culture and Incas.

The Boiling River

A century old Peruvian tale discussed a river so hot that anything that entered it, was killed. Thought to be a myth, the existence of this river in the Amazon rainforest was confirmed by a Peruvian geoscientist in 2011. The river’s name, Shanay-timpishka – means “boiled by the heat of the sun.” Its heat is created by hot springs. An amazing feature of the river is its sheer size. The 93℃ portion is 25 meters wide, 6 meters deep, and runs for over 6 kilometers.

Rainbow Mountain

Popularly known as Rainbow Mountain, this area’s actual name is Vinicunca. The mountain is comprised of four different colors that are stratified to make clear lines, giving off a rainbow effect. This formation was caused by a long series of volcanic activity. This location is popular with tourists and is quite a trek. It involves a four hour round-trip hike in order to get to the mountain.

Huayllay National Sanctuary

A UNESCO Heritage Site, Huayllay National Sanctuary has been protected since the 1970s. It is a stunning landscape of rock that is claimed by many to resemble a forest made of stone. Like many places in Peru, the rocks are largely volcanic in nature. The formation itself was created due to tectonic and volcanic activity roughly 13 million years ago. This location provides some of the most stunning geologic environments.

Final Thoughts

Peru is a wonderful country. In fact, many people who learn Spanish list Peru as one of their top dream destinations, due to the extensive history, interesting culture, and beautiful environment. If you can communicate in Spanish, navigating Peru will be rather easy on a future trip as Spanish is the official language; however, there are also 72 indigenous languages spoken in the country as well. If you are interested in finding out about our online Spanish courses, please visit:

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